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Announcing September Practitioner Course 

  • Location: 11400 27 St SE, Calgary
  • 32 hours in-class time

September 2nd - October 21
2:30pm -6:30pm every Sunday

$1750.00 +GST

  • Class will be limited to 20 seats

    12 Hour Online Course + Textbook ​INCLUDED

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I like how simple the exercises are to understand & apply, especially with the support of the online Exercise Glossary. I would emphatically recommend this course to any healthcare professional. 

I definitely feel as though I got full value from this curriculum.

Stephan Guenette RMT, FMT

I totally enjoyed the course, it was much more than I expected and I would recommend this course to others...

and has also lead me to address my own physical ailments throughout the course, via the FMT Protocols.

Michaella Rezanoff- Registered Acupuncturist, FMT

There is so much knowledge packed into a short amount of time. It brought out answers to questions that I had for so many years.

You end up sending the client away with a toolkit where they can actually work on themselves and get rid of their pain and injuries by using our treatment of therapeutic exercise and using our assessments, they have what I would call tools for life.

Mike Pascoe - Personal Trainer, FMT

Best utilized in practices for:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Athletic Therapists
  • Osteopaths
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    Yoga Therapists
  • plus-circle
    Massage Therapists
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    Personal Trainers

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The FMT Exercise Glossary

has been created to enable accountability and comprehensiveness for each of our clients. As in every session there consists anwhere from 3-15 protocols in a given 1 hour period of time. We call the software the "Netflix for Exercise". As they can access their homework and protocols, on any device anywhere around the world. Allowing the client to continue to be educated and empowered as to how they can address and maintain their own state of physical well being.

  1. Online Courses are always available 
  2. Check to see where and when our next certification course is being held
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