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Now offering the commercially available Foundational Movement Therapy™- Text book

In this 230 page text book, you will learn all the necessary tools, to correctly assess any postural fault. To provide all your clients/ patients with the necessary tools, to address their symptoms from a root cause perspective.

"Finally a road map to physical body, that address pain at the root cause."


This is for you if...

You are a passionate health care practitioner that is wanting the key to understanding and addressing symptoms from a ROOT CAUSE perspective!

Or a curious individual, that wants to take their own physical health in their own hands!

  • What is Foundational Movement Therapy™?

    I've been developing this therapy for many years now. What makes it so special, is the idea that in our current society, we have access to a great deal of therapies. But more often than not, they are great at addressing the symptoms, but they miss the root cause of the issues.

    For example, lower back pain is often due to chronic improper standing postures, with a combination of incorrect sitting postures. As much as we'd like to have the back pain relieved with massage therapy or chiropractic, the root of the issue still remains and the strength of a muscle is also left neglected.

    For example, when you observe an elderly individual, and they have a limp or are using a walker these are symptoms of chronic weakness in the body, and what we call compensatory patterns. These are forms of bad habits, that get further ingrained without correction and this causes the body to become quite weak. Then the person avoids all-new forms of necessary stimulus compounding the problem. The human body is like a computer, without constant software updates, the computer bogs down, and becomes quite slow, where it cannot even accommodate the simplest of requests. If we stop creating strength in the deeper muscles that function to support our body, throughout everyday movement patterns. It bogs and becomes weak, to where it becomes dependant on crutches to accomplish the tasks, the body was designed for.

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If you decide to take the course, and graduate, you will have the necessary tools to utilize the online FMT Exercise Glossary. As most of the therapy is implemented with therapeutic exercise, it's a very nice professional touch to be able to prescribe the exercises via video format. Of which you can generate 50% of the subscription cost, when your clients subscribe to their profile.

The course can be taken online or in-person. While reading the textbook, if you decide to become a certified Foundational Movement Therapist. We offer in-class courses and online courses. Visit for more information on upcoming courses.

The FMT course and book has given me the tools and education to help empower my clients to bring their bodies back into balance and out of pain through simple strengthening exercises.

The FMT course more than exceeded my expectations. I was already familiar with the basic concepts of Thomas Myers book Anatomy Trains, but this course helped me to thoroughly understand the fascial lines and their effect on the body. I now understand postural and pain patterns, that many of my personal training clients were experiencing. ... Max has provided tremendous support in furthering my understanding of the FMT material now that the coursework is completed and I work toward building my practicum hours and preparing to write the final exam. I truly feel this course has taken my knowledge as a personal trainer to the next level.”

- Lana Libke.

“The FMT program is amazing, and I have been in the fitness industry for over 20years.

There is so much knowledge packed into a short amount of time. It brought out answers to questions that I had for so many years. In the end, I walked away with so much knowledge and I feel so confident in helping people with their injuries or their pain. Over the years as an athlete, I have been involved with chiro, physiotherapy, acupuncture but the big thing for me is I ended up realizing how simple these things are and yet how important they are for people in terms of removing pain and injury from people.

Just by changing what their day to day functions are like their walking, their sleeping, their standing, their athletic events and those types of things and getting to the root cause of it, that’s where FMT stands out for me and it stands out for clients.

You end up sending the client away with a toolkit where they can actually work on themselves and get rid of their pain and injuries by using our treatment of therapeutic exercise and using our assessments, they have what I would call tools for life.

If I didn’t have to charge a single penny for this I would be so happy because it is literally something that changes the lives of every single person I touch. I meet with a person and an hour and a half later this person walks away feeling absolutely full of relief because they removed the pain or injury from their lives, things that they have struggled with for ages.

Ever since I graduated I literally feel like I have the power to change peoples’ lives. Honestly, I think the income is endless and it’s really only limited by the amount of time you invest in it and if I was going to put a financial number I don’t even think there is a ceiling on it in terms of what you can actually get from this program. It’s fantastic, the best thing you can do.”

Mike Pascoe

What you will learn within the book

16 Chapters to work through, each one providing a clear understanding to each fascial line and meridian. As well as to how to address the imbalanced line, with the necessary Conscious Movement Protocols and Therapeutic exercises.

Learn all the assessment tools necessary to solve most postural faults, and in turn enable them to remain pain free.

Over 330 Illustrations + 60 therapeutic exercises


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